Problem about libnet on FreeBSD 6.0

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Sat Dec 31 19:37:22 PST 2005

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The problem is that libnet defines ether_addr without regard for the fact
that it's defined in our system headers.  This is a bug in libnet, not

In particular, libnet/libnet-headers.h has this code, which is very
Linux-centric and works around the duplicate definition problem on Linux,
but doesn't help anyone on other platforms.

    391 #if (!__GLIBC__)
    392 struct ether_addr
    393 {
    394     u_char  ether_addr_octet[6];
    395 };
    396 #endif

The problem has been properly fixed in the current development version of
libnet (net/libnet-devel), by renaming the ether_addr structure to

The net/libnet port should be marked BROKEN because of this issue (I've
opened a PR) and folks should use libnet-devel instead, until the net/libnet
port is updated to a newer version.  The net/libnet maintainer has been
notified of this problem.

Matt Emmerton

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