2 lame questions (ipfw, keyboard driver)

OxY oxy at field.hu
Thu Dec 22 07:36:52 PST 2005


i have two lame questions, one about ipfw port forwarding, and
an other about keyboard driver...

1, i have a box with public ip 195.70.x.x and openvpn ip..
i'd like to accept connections on my public ip's y port and forward it to my port 22..
is this possible?
first i tried ipfw forward rule
$cmd 00310 fwd,22 tcp from any to 195.70.x.x 1634
, but it said conn refused....

do i need divert? i don't know the syntax, coz i don't understand it from 
the manpage..

i tried natd with -redirect_port, failed too...

2, my box is in co-loc and when i reboot it OS doesn't load atkbd, then when 
i ask for
console i can't use my keyboard..
how can i make it to always load the atkbd driver?
i read the freebsd manpage and checked device hints:

plummy root# cat /boot/device.hints |grep atkbd

but whatever i tried to change didn't helped..

thanks for help!

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