[PATCH] bootparamd enhancement/fix

omen-pub at omenlabs.com omen-pub at omenlabs.com
Thu Dec 1 14:52:53 PST 2005

Figured I'd throw this out to the list before filing a PR.


This patch is against 6.0-Release

There are two issues with bootparamd that I ran into trying to
get Solaris Jumpstart working nicely.  One was permitting null 
hostnames.  Certain options are passed to the jumpstart client
using /etc/bootparams file entries like "term=:vt100".  The current 
implementation only makes an exception for the file "dump=..." and 
will not return anything else if it can not be resolved.  I have 
added in a check to return an address of if the length of 
the hostname is zero.

The second issue is a little more significant.  If a router
address is not supplied using the -r option, bootparamd uses the
function get_myaddress(3) to determine the address of the host.
The bootparamd(8) man page states:

     -r router   The default router (a machine or an IP-address).  This
                 defaults to the machine running the server.

The function get_myaddress always returns INADDR_LOOPBACK.  This
qualify as a bug.  Using -r solves this problem, unless you are
running on multiple networks.  The patch attempts to make rpc.bootparamd
more intelligent.  If -r is not supplied, the ip address of the
client is checked against all configured network interfaces on the
host in the function myaddr.  If the client is on a local subnet,
the ip address of the server on that network is returned (if not,
INADDR_LOOPBACK).  This allows for whoami on multiple networks.


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