Syscall/Sysret state on i386 arch

Alexander Best arundel at
Mon Aug 29 18:44:19 GMT 2005

On Mon Aug 29 05, Scott Long wrote:
> Actually, the results were fairly inconclusive because it was also 
> somewhat unstable under real loads.
> The work is in Perforce under
>  //depot/user/jeff/sysenter/...
> I've worked on this branch also, but not in a few months.  I can
> make patches if anyone is interested.
> Scott

That would be awsome. I'd defenately check it out, because I'm really
interested to see how syscall/sysret compares to the current way of doing

Maybe somebody can comment on the speed increase that was gained by replacing
int80h in the AMD64 branch. I just had a look at lib/libc/amd64/SYS.h and it
seems they decided to use syscall/sysret instead of int80h about 2 years ago:

> Revision 1.25 (Wed Apr 30 18:06:14 2003 UTC (2 years, 4 months ago) by peter)


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