interrupt handlers - FreeBSD 4.9

Bharath Bhushan bharath.bhushan at
Mon Aug 29 12:11:45 GMT 2005

1) What is the purpose of the two interrupt handler arrays ihandler[]
and intr_handlers[]?
What I saw on my system:
(kgdb) print intr_handler
$8 = {0x302b2d04 <clkintr>, 0x302b9bd4 <atkbd_isa_intr>,
  0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>, 0x302be648 <siointr>, 0x302be648 <siointr>,
  0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>, 0x302b53e0 <fdc_intr>, 0x30268128 <dc_intr>,
  0x302b2fa0 <rtcintr>, 0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>,
  0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>, 0x30268128 <dc_intr>,
  0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>, 0x302b6708 <isa_strayintr>,
  0x3017606c <ata_intr>, 0x3017606c <ata_intr>}
(kgdb) p/a ihandlers
$11 = 0x302a522e <Xresume0>
(kgdb) p/a *ihandlers
$12 = 0x1ec05ff

2) Does cpl contain the mask to block hardware and software interrupts
or just for the software interrupts?


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