Reducing dummynet pipe size hangs system

Uwe Doering gemini at
Thu Aug 18 21:19:43 GMT 2005

Michael R. Wayne wrote:
> Summary:
>    On an old (4.8p10) machine, substantially reducing the pipe size
>    on a loaded connection causes the system to freeze.
>    Is this a supported feature?
>    Did it usd to be broken?
> Detail:
> [...]
>    Two days in a row now, just after 6:30, the box freezes, refusing
>    keyboard input and requiring a reboot.
> Queries:
>    Is this considered an unsupported use of dummynet?
>    If it should work, was it broken back in 4.8 and, if so, when
>    was it corrected?  I'd rather not take the time up upgrade the
>    box to 4.11 if I'll then be forced to move to 5.4.  

There were changes in dummynet's configuration functions that, among 
other things, dealt with protecting certain code sequences with the 
proper SPL.  They went into the CVS repository after 4.8.  I can't tell 
whether these fixes would help in your case but you may want to look at 
rev. and (RELENG_4) in any case:

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