iSCSI (revisited?)

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Subject: iSCSI (revisited?)

> All,
> I was wondering what people thought of iSCSI and FreeBSD. Is it a viable
> option for creating SANs?
> I want to move away from tape backups, and have numerous production
> FreeBSD machines that I need to back up data from.
> Any other ideas for a disk to disk backup solution that people have used?
> Thanks,
> Justin

Justin, what I'm currently using is the following for just that:

Promise Vtrak 15100 with 15 250gb sata's, connected to a dual channel
Adaptec 39160 housed in a Compaq ML 330 running FreeBSD 5.3. The Vtrak has 2
logical arrays assigned, where my other 14 servers (windows and freebsd
alike) back up to one or the other arrays. I have one array shared via nfs
for the bsd boxes to back up to and the other is samba shared so that
windows systems can back up to that one. So far, it's worked well for me.
All I need to do now is get the company to realize they still need tape if
they want long term storage and then I can chain that to the Promise raid
and have it back up to take during the day and still have my backup window
in the early morning hours.


Micheal Patterson
Senior Communications Systems Engineer

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