FreeBSD Kernel buffer overflow

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Fri Sep 17 23:25:54 PDT 2004

On 18 Sep, Matt Emmerton wrote:
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>> > I disagree.  It really comes down to how secure you want FreeBSD to be,
> and
>> > the attitude of "we don't need to protect against this case because
> anyone
>> > who does this is asking for trouble anyway" is one of the main reason
> why
>> > security holes exist in products today.  (Someone else had brought this
> up
>> > much earlier on in the thread.)
>> You haven't been paying close enough attention to the discussion. To
>> exploit this "security problem" you have to be root. If it's an
>> external attacker, you're already owned.
> I'm well aware of that fact.  That's still not a reason to protect against
> the problem.
> If your leaky bucket has 10 holes in it, would you at least try and plug
> some of them?

If an attacker is allowed to install arbitrary syscalls, he might as
well install one that is easier to exploit.

struct write2kernel_args {
        void    *ubuf;
        void    *kbuf;
        size_t  nbyte;
write2kernel(td, uap)
        struct thread *td;
        struct write2kernel_args *uap;
        copyin(uap->ubuf, uap->kbuf, nbyte);

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