Booting encrypted

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Tue Sep 7 13:22:09 PDT 2004

In article <Pine.BSI.4.58L.0409071259510.20376 at> you write:
>Has any work been done to boot from an encrypted filesystem, or otherwise
>modify the loader to support GBDE with a "compiled-in" passphrase? The
>purpose would be to prevent reverse engineering of an appliance based on
>FreeBSD. Thoughts, ideas?

Having the password compiled in to something that's necessarily clear-text
on the same media?

You're not adding anything resembling a challenge for someone who's really
interested in reverse-engineering your system.  Any user (I won't call such
a person *acker) incapable of getting around such a thing probably won't
be trying to reverse-engineer it anyhow.

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