mdconfig - need some help

Joan Picanyol lists-freebsd-hackers at
Sun Oct 31 19:31:16 PST 2004

* Christoph P. Kukulies <kuku at> [20041031 22:38]:
> # fsck /dev/md2
> fsck: Could not determine filesystem type

I've seen this if /dev/md2 is not in /etc/fstab

> # fsck -t ffs /dev/md2
> ** /dev/md2
> Cannot find file system superblock
> ioctl (GCINFO): Inappropriate ioctl for device
> fsck_ffs: /dev/md2: can't read disk label

Apparently, fsck needs a disklabel. 

I /again/ suggest using src/tools/tools/recoverdisk and try to get as
much as possible from your disk; let it run a couple times to diferent
files. Start from there again.

good luck

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