nsdispatch services patch + lookupd

Jacques A. Vidrine nectar at FreeBSD.org
Sun Oct 31 01:05:34 PST 2004

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 09:33:33AM +0200, Danny Braniss wrote:
> while trying to add hesiod/dns support, i've noticed, what looks as a problem:
> in nss_tls.h, the function name##_getstate(...) can return a static pointer,
> which gets freed in name##_endstate(...), as far as i know, freeing a non
> malloced memory is asking for trouble.
> proposed fix, instead of static, also do a calloc(...).

Yes, looks like you are correct.  I will fix this month.  Thanks for the
report!  (Is there already a PR?)
Jacques A Vidrine / NTT/Verio
nectar at celabo.org / jvidrine at verio.net / nectar at FreeBSD.org

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