fix to a data corruption problem

Mike Tancsa mike at
Fri Oct 22 07:56:35 PDT 2004

We are trying to fix a bug in the uhid interrupt handler/driver

where it can inadvertently walk into another handler working with
clist data structures in sys/kern/tty_subr.c.

Uhid is a "bio" class device, which means that its not masked when another 
"tty" class handler is running.

Our modification to uhid below appears to work, but we have seen references 
to "update_intr_masks()" as part of this type of

         int s = splhigh();
         tty_imask |= bio_imask;
         splx( s );

What is the "approved" method for doing this?   If this is correct, any 
chance some one could commit the fix to RELENG_4 ?


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