hacking SCO....

John Von Essen john at essenz.com
Thu Oct 7 14:58:51 PDT 2004

Well, I eventually got this SCO system working. But today, some errors 

505k:unrecover error reading  SCSI disk on 0 Dev – 1/42
cha = 0 id = 0 1 on = 0
Block 6578
medium error unrecovered read  error
HTFS i/o failure occurred while  trying to upgrade 1 node 26302 on 
HTFS.  Dev hd 1/42
Error log over flow block 6578  medium error unrecovered read error .

Do these sound likes hardware errors for the drive or the adaptec card 
itself? The drive is brand new (well, its actually a replacement from 
acer with a date code on it from 1998 so it has been sitting in a box 
for awhile). However, the card is very old too. Any ideas?


On Sep 27, 2004, at 7:24 PM, Julian H. Stacey wrote:

> John Von Essen wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I have inherited a Intel P200 with SCO OpenServer 5.0.4
>> with a 4Gb SCSI drive.
> Condolences !  SCO is Horrible to work on, & a waste of time, erase 
> ASAP !
> ........
>> SCO is of no help, they cant provide replacement boot floppy, only 
>> sell
>> me complete distribution version 5.0.7 for $100.
>> Any ideas on how I should go about this. All I need to do is get that
>> data from the tape onto the disk and I should good to go.
>> SCO is of no help, they cant provide replacement boot floppy, only 
>> sell
>> me complete distribution version 5.0.7 for $100.
> SCO used to give away licences free for 5.0.4 &/or 5.0.5 for
> restricted use. One could legally download cdrom images & burn them.
> Good denough to rescue data & then erase SCO & install BSD
> If you can't rescue the data while running FreeBSD, either:
> Non Commercial solution:
> 	Look around find someone near who has a 5.0.4 or 5
> 	cdrom, (maybe even SCO site somewhere) get a copy, (cdrom
> 	contains floppy images too I recall), rescue data, delete
> 	SCO very quickly from your machine, (before you discover
> 	the pain of running SCO, (& if you really must run SCO then
> 	Do get their Skunkware CDROM too (yes that's it's real name!
> 	it's full of FSF/GNU stuff & free & makes using SCO rather
> 	less unpleasant (not unpleasant, just rather less).
> Commercial solution.
> 	Pay the $100, if its for a commercial job it's cheap.  No
> 	point quibbling.  SCO used to cost about 2000 German
> 	Deutschmarks, for end users, (& was the Unix I found most
> 	crippled.  BSD is cheaper, but if it's for business, & it's
> 	their legal right, cheap enough.
> There's SCO forums somewhere, but probably the wrong route.  Their
> manuals used to just present work-rounds for obsolete old software
> everyone else wasn't using anymore eg at one stage they were SVR3
> & all other vendors were SVR4 based.  Last time I was contracted
> to work on SCO, I just kept tossing more modern source eg X11R6 &
> lesstif & GNU src/ on top of the base obsolete SCO, till obsolete
> SCO libraries no longer broke my project. Reading SCO manuals was
> a waste of time, better to just to rip it out & replace it with
> better software, either per utility that annoys, or per whole OS.
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