Protection from the dreaded "rm -fr /"

Thomas David Rivers rivers at
Sat Oct 2 18:54:09 PDT 2004


  If I'm remembering correctly - the historical way to
 do this is to alias the "rm" command to something that
 else that checks the arguments and complains appropriately
 (and then executes /bin/rm.)   Typically with just a shell
 alias.  That keeps you from accidently doing something. 

  Just thinking that putting extra "smarts" into a utility
 isn't the typical "UNIXy" way to do this.  Let each tool
 do the one thing it does really well.. 'rm' removes; let
 it remove.

  I think, in the old "UNIX Review" magazine (what - almost
 15+ years ago now?)  There was a couple of examples of this.

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