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Wed Nov 24 13:25:55 PST 2004

Someone broke the silence: 

> I apologize that this probably isn't the most relevant
> list to ask this on. Suggestions for better lists will be welcome.
> I'm trying to monitor traffice on a 100BaseT ethernet
> network link. I split the line, put a "hub" in and am
> trying to run tcpdump on a box off the side of the
> hub.
> Unfortunately, it turns out the hub isn't a hub, it's
> a "switching hub" (what's not a switch about this? I
> don't get it). Consequently, all I see are arp
> packets, bootp packets, and the odd broadcast. I went
> to a local store to buy a hub, and guess what, they
> sold me another switching hub, so that has to be
> returned :(
> So, the question is, can anyone tell me the
> manufacturer and product name of a real (dumb) hub? I
> could use 10baseT instead if necessary, I just need
> something cheap that is a simple repeater. Of course,
> nobody advertizes "our hub really is a totally dumb
> hub, not like those fancy switching hubs the
> competition sells" ;>
> Any suggestions?

I ran into the similar problem.  I just looked elsewhere for a cheap hub. Ebay was the favorite place for me.  For you, just swing by a Pop/Mom/Family kind of computer stores.  They might sell few old hubs that doesn't have switching capabilities at a low price.

Chris Haulmark

> Thanks
> Simon
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