Danny Braniss danny at cs.huji.ac.il
Wed Nov 24 07:20:19 PST 2004

> Ah, I've fixed the btx compile.  Seems some comment rototilling busted it.

that's what i saw.

btw, while we are at the bottom of the bleading edge, can this also be fixed:
in i386/boot/boot0/boot0.S:
-#ifdef SIO
+#if defined(SIO) && COMSPEED != 0
 * Initialize the serial port.  bioscom preserves the driver number in DX.
                movw COMSPEED,%ax               # defined by Makefile
                callw bioscom
#endif /* SIO */

since this only works for speeds upto 9600, and breaks things for speeds
above 9600.
(i know, this probably should be a PR :-)


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