Re; tcsh is not csh

Kevin Lyons klyons at
Thu Nov 11 16:46:50 PST 2004

 >Dan Nelson wrote:
 > but you're 4 years too late to affect
 >the outcome...

I think the problem can still be fixed.  Simply put in /bin/tcsh and let 
/bin/csh be what it actually is, which is to say /bin/csh.  I realize 
that will add all of 300kB to the system. Oh and there would also have 
to be an entry for tcsh in /etc/shells.  Should I send a patch?

Developers have a right to expect a certain basic level of functionality 
on a system.  When he calls fopen() he should get fopen, when he calls 
/bin/bash he should get /bin/bash not zsh nor sh nor ksh.

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