Porting the OpenBSD free Atheros HAL

Rob Deker deker at slackdot.org
Tue Nov 9 09:30:47 PST 2004

mark at markdnet.demon.co.uk wrote:

>deker at slackdot.org wrote:
>>You're right, it does. However, myself and collegue recently presented 
>>our work in raw Atheros raw frame injection at ToorCon based on the 
>>Atheros HAL and Sam's driver/HAL wrapper. If you're familliar with these 
>>cards and their current status in the open-source world, you'll know 
>>that the only method of using them relies solely on the binary-only HAL 
>>provided by Atheros that Sam Leffler was kind enough to wrap in a 
>>FreeBSD driver shell. 
>Would this give us AMD64 support for atheros cards? 
It's possible. As the alternative is source, it very well may compile 
for AMD64. If you've got an AMD64 box available to put OpenBSD-current 
on, give it a shot and let us know! I just don't have any 64-bit 
machines at my place that aren't Alphas :)


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