how many IP aliases

Anton Alin-Adrian aanton at
Thu May 27 07:08:05 PDT 2004

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Ah I assumed u meant irc vhost "servers"
> Still leaves there question why would each psync require a specific IP?
> If the IRC network you connection to limits on connections per IP
> e.g.  QuakeNet ( which all should do ). You just need to apply
> for a trust for "X" connections and your all sorted. Using multiple
> IP's for such a use would be totally wasteful.
Our ISP's policy is that when one IP gets flooded, it gets blocked from 
internet access for a while.

That's the reason for so many IPs. Not perfect, but helps a lot.

>     Steve 
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> From: "Anton Alin-Adrian" <aanton at>
>>Different ports? Why would be using different ports different? They (users) 
>>need to go out to irc with a different IP each time they connect. In order 
>>to do that, psybnc needs to use that specific IP when connecting outside to 
>>the IRC server. I don't see how different ports will change this situation.
>>Nambased vhosts work for web, I guess, but not for IRC.
>>Let one correct me if I am wrong.
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