FreeBSD "Live Upgrade" best practice?

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Thu Mar 11 07:37:00 PST 2004

Dear Colin,

Colin Percival wrote on Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 03:22:12PM +0000:
> >Given: -STABLE box with an extra disk.
> >
> >[snip]
> >
> >Maybe someone has already done such a thing?
>   My depenguinator is useful for this purpose; it creates a
> disk image, which you can write to your second drive, which
> boots into a memory disk; you can then slice, partition,
> create filesystems, and generally do whatever you like with
> the system -- without needing anything beyond a network
> connection.

Care to share an URL? 

atleo6:~#grep depenguinator /usr/ports/INDEX

However. If I understand you correctly, I need to boot this 
diskimage and then do a 'regular' install? Anything I could
also do, using a CDROM or a boot-floppy? Or is there some
other benefit?

The purpose of my live-upgrade mission is not to get rid of CD-ROM
or floppy requirements, but to minimize downtime.

Hmmm, I just have another thought... Possibly there is a way
to provide make installkernel/installworld with a different
destination directory?


make installkernel -DDESTDIR=/mnt
make installworld -DDESTDIR=/mnt

Would this be another possibility?

Best regards,
 Daniel Lang
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