Strange problem with vnodes and sockets

Kiss Tibor grinder at
Sun Mar 7 12:41:45 PST 2004

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 02:40:50PM -0500, Robert Watson wrote:
> notion of "owner".  so_cred is a cached referenced to the process
> credential of the process that created the socket...
Yes, but i need the process p_pid.
> VSOCK vnodes are rendezvous points for UNIX domain socket communication,
> not the actual communication vehicles themselves.  Very few UNIX domain
> sockets are used in normal operation, but you might take a look at
> /var/run/log, and the file descriptors that referenced various sockets to
> the log subsystem.
So I was on the really wrong way. I want to find the owner (struct proc) for a
_TCP socket_. But now I'm really stucked. I dont have any idea how to do that.

Would you be so kind to show me the right way to find the owner proc struct
(the creator process; i want to know process p_pid) for a socket (defined in

Kiss Tibor

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