writing ktrace output to serial port

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.pp.ru
Mon Jun 21 20:59:39 PDT 2004

Julian Elischer wrote:

> > > I decided to divert ktrace.out to /dev/cuaa0 so another FreeBSD will keep
> > > it. However, ktrace() in src/sys/kern/kern_trace.c does not permit writing
> > > to non-regular file. Why?

> > As for your problem..
> > Can you NFS mount? If you have no ethernet you could NFS mount over
> > PPP/SLIP :)
> > (or PLIP if you have a parallel port)
> >
> it would be relatively easy to sent it to a netgraph ng_ksocket node and
> have the record sent out as a udp packet :-)

Thank you, people, for your time.
But my question was not how to solve my problem. (I do no rely on NFS
when sender system is going to crash and is not so familiar with netgraph.)

I just removed check from kernel source and now ktrace successfully writes
to /dev/cuaa0 in test cases (I've not tried to reproduce the crash yet).
So the question is: why is the check for regilar file there?


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