dell wireless keyboard/mouse package

Luke luked at
Sat Jun 19 19:23:18 GMT 2004

> I have recently set up FreeBSD on a Dell Inspiron 4600 and the wireless 
> keyboard/mouse package that came with it has had 2 issues so far:
> --The keyboard tends to repeat letters when I type rapidly, but they don't 
> repeat next to each other insead, one character apart.  example: I type 
> "" and what may come out on the screen "www.frfeebsds.como" 
> It doesnpt always affect all the letters, and it seems that some, like 'a' 
> and 'o' tend to repeat more often.

I'm getting this same problem on my Dell Inspiron 8100 keyboard with no 
FreeBSD and no wireless involved.
I guess that doesn't help you.  I'm just saying it might be hardware.

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