quiet ATX mid-Towers

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| On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:39:25 -0700 (PDT), zera holladay wrote:
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| > Hello, I am looking for a very quiet ATX mid-tower and
| > I was wondering if anybody has a suggestion or
| > recommendation.  My hard disks produce the most
| > decibels at the most annoying frequency -- it_s not a

If it's a high pitched whiny type sound that resembles a rather noisy fan..
I have been there. I had a Maxtor hard disk that did this, I sent it back
(RMA'd it) and they sent me a replacement which is silent. I have also has
this issue with a laptop disk aswell, an IBM Travelstar. My friend also had
this issue with a Western Digital drive... he got that replaced and it's
silent like his other, smaller, WD drive :o)

You may be lucky and the manufacturer will replace it or you may have to
buy a brand new disk (if it is the hard disk making the noise).

| > bad fan.  I am an EE student using FreeBSD, so a quiet
| > computer is very important to me.
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| and on Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:10:20 -0500, Vulpes Velox responded:
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| >   ...
| >
| > Look around on some case modding and over clocking sites and the like.
| >
| >   ...
| >>
| When I recently assembled my new PC, I used
| www.silentmaxx.net and
| www.endpcnoise.com and
| every other case and fan web site I could discover (e.g. via Google).
| They were all commercial (i.e. sales) web sites, but some also offered
| general advice on building quiet PCs.
| I also recommend searching for quiet-PC articles on the various hardware
| guide web sites, particularly www.tomshardware.com.
| Dan Strick
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