suggestions ?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Wed Jun 2 17:19:29 GMT 2004


Saber ZRELLI wrote:
> Erich Dollansky wrote:
>>Saber ZRELLI wrote:
>>>Hello Dear Seniors ,
>>>i was looking for some interesting issue related to FreeBSD networking ,
>>>to make it my master thesis , but i couldn't find such a topic ,
>>>certainly because i'm not a FreeBSD expert ( but i will be =) ) ,
>>>so could any member here , especially contributors , i'm sure you have
>>>very rich ideas and cool stuff to offer ...
>>>i was thinking about implementing Robust TCP/IP connections .. but
>>>somebody told me that is not very consistent , and i think so also ,
>>Did you consider fault-tolerant TCP/IP connections to multiple servers?
> i don't see the difference between connections to one or to multiple
> servers , it's still TCP/IP connections between two nodes.
> I'm i wrong ?
If multiple servers provide the data, it should not matter which server 
provides it. But it must made sure that only servers are taken to 
deliver the data which have their data updated. It is a pretty complex 
process to keep the data consistent on all servers.

If the connection is only to a single server and this single server 
fails, the client does not get any data any more. If the connection is 
to multiple servers and at least one of the servers is still up and 
running, the client still has a chance to get its data.


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