VT8237 serial-ATA support, Promise ATA stalls, GEOM noise

Søren Schmidt sos at DeepCore.dk
Thu Jan 29 22:45:20 PST 2004

Sean Hamilton wrote:
> "Soren Schmidt" <sos at spider.deepcore.dk> wrote:
> | It seems Sean Hamilton wrote:
> | |   I have two Asus boards (A7V8X and A7V) which have in common a
> | | Promise ATA controller. Both of these boards hang up for about a
> | | minute during the boot of 5.1-RELEASE, and emit messages about ad*
> | | devices being reset -- I cannot paste them verbatim as they seem
> | | to have been omitted from my dmesg. In the case of the A7V8X, the
> | | controller is unused and disabled in the BIOS. Has this been
> | | rectified for 5.2?
> |
> | Should not happen on -current.
> Upgraded to 5.2-RELEASE and it is still happening. The problem seems to be
> the Promise controller, not the bridge IDE. The board is an Asus A7V8X,
> controller "PDC20376". The hang comes before it prints "ata4: at 0xec800000"
> as well as ata5. I can provide a root shell or serial console to Soren if
> this hardware is not already available.

These are not "hangs" these are "pauses" and happens because the kernel 
thinks there are devices on these channels (are there ? no dmesg 
provided) and waits for the 31secs the spec calls for.
Now, I have one of those exact Promise controllers and there it works 
butifully, so your setup has to be special or wrong in some way since 
you see the delays (again no dmesg or anything provided so I cant tell)


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