kernel threads

Unix Shepherd unixshepherd at
Tue Jan 27 23:48:49 PST 2004

Actually, i was fiddling around with the kernel splash screen code in 
order to make it 'animated'... such as the BeOS splash screen.
I first used the syscons screen timer to make the splash screen change 
but programming this way is quite ugly, and thought about creating a new 
within the splash screen code (thus leaving all other modules unchanged) 
that would update the screen.
So i decided to use kthread(9) calls, but before changing the module, 
wanted to write a little program using the kthread_create and related 
funtions, but was then unable to compile...the linker couldn't find 
kthread_xxx functions.
In my quest for kthread related information, i've read about KSE. 
Therefore, i was wondering if KSE API functions could be used within the 
kernel itself.


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