freeBSD w/ Linux

Xin LI delphij at
Tue Jan 27 18:35:46 PST 2004

Well you may need to provide some more information so we can deal with the

In addition are you using FreeBSD 5.x and UFS2? It seems that Grub doesn't
work well with it if memory serves me right, and I did not heard some change
of this state right now.

Xin LI

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> Hi,
> I'm sorry if my English is difficult to make you understand :
> I try to make dual boot with Linux; Linux on first boot. But, 
> when grub show up and I choose freeBSD, my Linux don't know 
> that partition. I compiled my Linux kernel to knowing BSD 
> partition with name slice, but there is still error: cannto 
> boot from Linux's grub.
> What should I do ?
> Thaks before.

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