Discussion on the future of floppies in 5.x and 6.x

Josh Paetzel friar_josh at tcbug.org
Fri Jan 9 08:17:18 PST 2004

> > There are several documents linked off of http://www.freebsd.org/releng
> > that describe how to build a release.  It's not nearly as arcane of a
> > process as it used to be 5 years ago.  The biggest barrier to entry is
> > probably disk space.  You'll need a good 5GB free to hold the CVS repo,
> > chroot environment, and resulting bits.
> Well, I've got the CVS repo, though boy, has *THAT* ever grown since I
> built this system; I had to trim it down to only src and ports, and even
> so:
> /dev/da1s1e     2032623 1769089 100925    95%    /usr/cvs
> Of course, I left out the ports and docs parts of the release last time I
> tried (which was in fact about 5 years ago ;), though I had all kinda of
> troubles with parts of THAT, too.  But still, I don't have even a tenth
> that much hard drive space around.
> > Yes, to build the floppies you need to build most of the release, but
> > once you've built the release, you can back-step and rebuild the
> > floppies at will.
> And building the whole release is quite an ordeal on a Pentium Pro  :)
> Still, I'm willing to donate some time and brain to the problem, since
> apparently I kinda care about it.  It seems to me that the probing
> problem above is the biggest problem from a real coding POV; the rest is
> mostly just a whole heck of a lot of implementation, and "inconvenience"
> from the usability standpoint.  That's a breaking point.

I'll donate the disk space and CPU time if you want to run with this.  I 
have an interest in keeping floppies around, but not much ability to help out.
Josh Paetzel

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