reading raw data from a CD-R with damaged table of contents

Soren Schmidt sos at
Wed Jan 7 05:46:03 PST 2004

It seems Kevin Serwick wrote:
> Hi all,
> I added some files to a multisession CD-R with the
> burncd command.  It appeared to work fine, but when I
> read the disk, the new files didn't show up.  So I did
> the burncd fixate command - bad idea!  Now nothing
> shows up!  (burncd's no Nero Burning Rom! Live and
> learn...  Is the GUI burning software usable and
> reliable?)
> I assume it just destroyed the table of contents.

Rather you add a new one that is empty or garbled.

> Any suggestions for how I can recover that data?

It might be posible to read the original session, I seem to remember
that it can be set somehow, but default is to always read the last.
However its been quite a few moons since I last looked in the color books.

> I couldn't find software to read raw data from
> anything.  Do you guys know of anything?
> I would have to write something myself would I?

Possibly, it might be as simple as modifying the atapi-cd.c driver to
be able to read a specific session, see above...

> Do you know where I can find an ISO 9660 filesystem
> specification?

Uhm ETSI has some of them for free IIRC..

> This is possible, right?

Probably, I always feel very much at risk when saying the opposite :)

                     Yes I know it works under windows!!

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