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ari edelkind-freebsd-hackers at episec.com
Tue Feb 24 09:31:16 PST 2004

You may also wish to look at firewall rules.  If return-udp packets are
filtered, one may run into transfer problems with tftp, even using
"stateful" udp inspection.  The return udp source port will be the
server's transfer identification number, and this will not often be port
69, as the filter would expect from the state table.  If you have
implemented filtering, you should check into this.


rwatson at freebsd.org said this stuff:

> On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Ganbold wrote:
> > Maybe this is off topic question. I'm looking for good tftp server in
> > FreeBSD.  I used default tftp server in FreeBSD and had some problems.
> > It sometimes hangs without any response.  Can somebody recommend me tftp
> > server in FreeBSD/Unix/Linux? 
> I can't recommend an alternative tftp server, but I can offer some help
> debugging the current one -- the tftp server is pretty widely used, and I
> haven't seen any other reports of this.  Could you expand a bit on "hangs
> without any response" -- do individual transfers stall, or the entire tftp
> server?  What flags are you using to tftpd in inetd.conf?  If you use a
> second client at the same time, does it also appear to be hung?  What
> clients are you using?
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