FreeBSD 5.2 v/s FreeBSD 4.9 MFLOPS performance (gcc3.3.3v/sgcc2.9.5)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Feb 16 16:18:39 PST 2004

    One last note... if you guys are trying to compile flops.c with the 
    GCC2.95 port it is probably being linked against FreeBSD-5's lib/csu's
    crt1.o, which does not have the stack alignment.

    Original 4.9-compiled binaries will have been linked against 4.9's
    crt1.o, which DOES have the stack alignment.

    Modifying kern_exec.c is not the right solution, I don't think.
    Adding some basic alignment back into crt1.o (like 4.9 has) would be
    a reasonable solution.

    In DragonFly I kept 4.9's alignment code in lib/csu's crt1.c, and I
    will be keeping it in there even when we wholely switch to gcc3 at
    some future date.  It doesn't hurt anything and I don't like 'assuming'
    that GCC will always be used for C compiling.


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