Obtaining 75k (active) concurrent tcp sessions..

Bill freebsd at gardrail.com
Thu Feb 12 16:21:28 PST 2004

What steps would I need to take in order to obtain 75,000 concurrent TCP 
sessions on a FreeBSD 5.2 system running on the following hardware:

dual xenon 3ghz 1mb cache processors
2 gigs of memory
two dual port fibre gigabit nic's
1 onboard copper 10/100 nic

I read a post that was sent to freebsd-hackers, which mentioned an 
individual was able to obtain 1.6 million concurrent tcp sessions, so I 
assume it's possible.

My goal is to setup a server, which is capable of accepting at least 75k tcp 
connections to perform some firewall stress tests at work.  Given that 
information on this subject is quite scarce, I thought I'd post this 
question and see what type of response I get back.

Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


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