Multiple hard disk failures - coincidence ?

Gary Corcoran garycor at
Sat Dec 18 16:05:47 PST 2004

Ed Stover wrote:

> Have you run the low level disk tools from Maxtor on your failed drives?
> One day out of the blue my 80Gig maxtors started giving out hard error
> failures, so I downloaded a floppy image from maxtor and used it to scan
> and repair my drives. I rebooted in single user mode and fscked my
> drives and rescued the data from lostnfound. and everything has been Aok
> ever since.

Thanks to everyone who responded.  While I was doubtful of there
being a heating problem, since my case is well cooled and there
are fans blowing directly over (most of) the drives, I opened
the case today and was surprised.  One of the two fans in the
front of the case that blow directly over five of the disks
had completely *stopped*!  And yes, the disks behind the one
that stopped were the disks that were giving me errors, and
they were extra warm (but not as toasty as my old SCSI drives
in my firewall!).  I don't know why/how it stopped.

I nudged the fan to see if it had seized up, and it moved easily
and started spinning!  I moved the front panel fan control up
to 'high' (from 'medium') and it started putting out a nice
flow of air over the disks.  It's been cooling the drives now
for a few hours, and they seem back to 'normal' temp, but they
are stilling showing exactly the same "hard error" sectors.

Unfortunately one of the drives is having errors in sectors
96-103 (fsbn 255), so I can't even 'ls' the root directory.
Are those sectors likely to be part of the superblock (which
hopefully has a backup on disk?), or they probably part of the
root directory?

Thanks for reminding me about the Maxtor disk tools.  I downloaded
the latest version and am running it now to analyze the worst
(no ls) drive first.


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