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Tue Dec 7 14:36:44 PST 2004

At 8:58 PM +0100 12/7/04, Miguel Mendez wrote:
>Hi hackers,
>I've seen the OpenBSD guys have come up with a BSD-licensed CVS[1]
>that should be focused on security as well as features. Is there
>any chance that this could make it into FreeBSD's tree as well?


 From that web page:
  			OpenCVS released soon

Certainly FreeBSD will be interested in seeing how well OpenCVS works,
but we like to wait until the code is released before we make any
claims about when it will show up in the base system of FreeBSD.
I know it's been slash-dotted and all, but it only seems fair that we
wait for the actual source-code from the people who are apparently
still working on it...

That said, we obviously prefer code with a BSD license.  So it is
reasonable to think that some form of OpenCVS might eventually show
up in FreeBSD, the same way that OpenSSH and PF have.  But there is
no way we can guess at a timetable for that now, when even OpenBSD
has not shipped a release with OpenCVS yet!

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