My project wish-list for the next 12 months

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Dec 2 16:29:10 PST 2004

Peter Wemm wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 05:17 pm, Foxfair Hu wrote:
>>On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 03:02:40PM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
>>>1.  Keyboard multiplexer.  We are running into problems with making
>>>ps/2 and USB/bluetooth keyboards work together and work with KVMs.
>>>Having a virtual keyboard device that multiplexes the various real
>>>keyboard devices and handles hotplug can solve this mess pretty
>>>effectively.  I know that there has been a lot of talk about this
>>>on mailing lists recently but I don't know how much progress is
>>>being made so I'm listing it here.
>>   How about reuse NetBSD's wscons ? I've kept an eye on it and
>>thought it should be a good start for FreeBSD.
> Only if it has 100% identical look/feel to syscons.  ie: same key maps, 
> same ioctl's, same Xserver interface, same escape codes, etc.  If not, 
> then over my dead body!

What if it's 100% identical except for the [Space] key, which becomes
the console pause key?



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