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Wed Dec 1 21:10:30 PST 2004

At 3:38 PM -0800 2004-12-01, Kris Kennaway quoted Jason C. Wells:

>>  This sounds very close to OpenAFS.  I don't know what distinguishes a SAN
>>  from other types of NAS.  OpenAFS does everything you mentioned in the
>>  above paragraph.  OpenAFS _almost_ works on FreeBSD right now.
>  I'd be very interested to try using this for package builds, btw.
>  Currently I have to rsync a lot of data to the remote build clients,
>  which takes a very long time.

	It's interesting that you mention this.  I've been giving some 
thought to how I might be able to dive in and start seriously working 
on building my UltraSPARC cluster (based on the four U10 clones I 
have already, plus as many U5s as I can throw into the mix), and I 
was hoping to find a better solution than NFS, and AFS/Coda/OpenAFS 
was tops of my list of alternatives to consider.

	In particular, if I can get this thing working reasonably well, 
I'd like to turn this into a package building cluster for 
FreeBSD/UltraSPARC, and maybe see if there are some other 
applications I can put it to during the idle times.

	I'm still looking for instructions on how the existing FreeBSD 
package building clusters are put together.  That plus various 
bits-n-pieces I've found (mostly from Brooks) should help me figure 
out how to try to build my own.

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