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mark manning mark.manning at
Tue Aug 24 20:55:46 PDT 2004

Some background...

For the past three years I have been developing a Forth compiler for Linux.  The kernel to my compiler is written in 100% pure assembler using NASM.  The object code produced is almost identical to what the Forth compiler itself would produce were it were used to compile its own sources (some day).  I accomplish this via liberal use of NASM macros.

All I/O etc is accomplished using Linux syscalls, no external libraries are referenced.  Linux is my BIOS :)

The problem...

I consider Isforth to be a worthy project, worthy enough to be ported to other processors and other operating systems.  The PPC port is being done by a friend of mine and is almost complete.  The FreeBSD port has been "nearly complete" for about EIGHT months.  I am currenty at a complete loss as to how to fix the problem (even though i think i know what it is!) :/

One of the things that my compiler has to do is switch stdin out of canoniacal mode and switch off echo.  In Linux the ioctl is working - in fbsd its not.  Im almost posative that i am passing correct values to the syscall yet stdin is still buffered after the call and is still echoing.   I would truely love to get this up and running in FBSD but am in dire need of help.  Im told that if anyone can help me YOU guys can (blame samy for getting you into this :)...

My Linux project page is at and I have posted the fbsd sources to...

...The relavant sources would be the syscalls.1 file and the bottom two or three functions in the io.1 file (if anyone asks why i used .1 its on my web page but these file extensions will disappear once im metacompiling :) 

These two files can be found in the src/kernel subdirectory (extracting the tgz creats a directory for all files as it should)

Thanx in advance...
  Mark I Manning IV (aka I440r in #forth on

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