No DRM kernel support for i830 ?

Dave Airlie airlied at
Wed Aug 11 14:02:18 PDT 2004

> No, it doesnt.  Actually, the Intel driver going forward currently is
> the i915 driver, which is going to be in the next X.Org release, is
> apparently secure, is ported to FreeBSD (untested iirc -- I'm setting up
> a machine now), and supports i830-i915.  There's been a suggestion that
> i915 could be extended to support i810 as well, which would deal with
> the security model issues that I suspect are the same on i810 as i830.
> That would be the hardest but perhaps best option.  The alternate route
> is to just port the i810 driver as-is.

The i915 is ported to FreeBSD but I've hadn't the time or FreeBSD skills
to actually get it working :-) (I'd suspect my pci_alloc_consistent port
isn't correct, ...)

porting the i810 driver probably isn't a huge amount of work but I doubt
I'll have any time to do it ....


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