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Yeah, this page:
was one that I looked at and wasn't sure what the status was on the projects that were listed.  One in particular was the PCI device driver library item.  Does anyone know the status on this?  I would like to pick this up if it is still open.  Thanks.

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On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 23:57, Smith III, Edward Mr. CAA/ISC wrote:
> Hey-
> I am an experienced developer and have been using FreeBSD for several years
> now.  I am looking to get involved in FreeBSD system development and was
> wondering if there were any projects that need developers.  I have been
> programming for years but am somewhat new to the BSD kernel.  I found some
> project pages on the websites but almost all of them are out of date.  The
> hardware that I have on hand currently is all x86 with no exotic
> peripherals although I am hoping to get an alpha and/or a sparc by the end
> of the year.  Any help on this would be appreciated. v/r

Not sure which pae you went to, but perhaps this one may help you ->

Hmm although it looks 12 months old :(

Certainly something _I'd_ appreciate would be to robustify the USB code :)

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