Wireless Card Issue AFTER Install

Anton Alin-Adrian aanton at reversedhell.net
Fri Apr 30 10:05:13 PDT 2004

Craig Booth wrote:
> Anton, thank you for taking time to help.  I have answered your questions
> within your text at the bottom of this email as best as I know how to as a
> raw BSD Unix user.

I defentaley appologise for not answering for such a long time, my 
attention was caught in the anti-spam war (and I receive thousands of those 

Is it you that mailed me privately on if_atuwi.ko, or was it somebody else? 
I am sorry, I think it was somebody else (no results after a big search on 
my inbox).

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> Craig Booth wrote:
>>Any guru out there that has the knowledge to provide some advice to
> persist the use of the Linksys card beyond the first install?  I tried this
> question on the Questions mailing list, but no one could tackle it,
> unfortunately.
> Situation:
> I have set up my Sony VAIO PCG-FRV27 laptop as a dual boot machine between
> Win XP Pro and FreeBSD.  
> I am using a Linksys Wireless card connecting through a Linksys router.  
> My install successfully enabled and used the wireless card and router to
> install directly from the FreeBSD ftp site (after CD boot) and completed
> with no errors. 
> Even though my rc.conf file is verified as setup with "DHCP" and the pccard
> enabled, and even though the startup processes appear to find and enable the
> card ok, I can't connect back to the ftp site to download more stuff unless
> I use the CD to restart the install over the ftp site again.  It either
> can't resolve the ftp site, or hangs during the attempt.
> I have read where this can sometimes happen with dual boot machines when the
> other OS doesn't properly release the card, but I have tried unplugging the
> machine, removing and putting back both the card and the laptop battery
> before rebooting, and it still doesn't work.  I am getting the [Null] [Null]
> message after the Linksys Card Found message during startup, as my earlier
> reading about the problem discussed, but nothing seems to change that,
> unless I reinstall FreeBSD from the CD (which I'm obviously not going to do
> everytime I want to use FreeBSD!)  
> Two things I notice when I go to set up the media in SYSINSTALL.  The
> gateway address ( and the DHCP assigned address (range starting
> with, both present on this same screen when booting from the
> CD, are missing from the DHCP config screen that comes up just before
> SYSINSTALL attempts to connect to the ftp site, though the connection
> attempt still fails if I enter the info back in manually before trying to
> connect.  Also, a message comes up before that which says something about
> being in multiuser mode, and ask if I want to assume network settings are
> already correct.  (or something like that)  This multiuser message is not
> present when booting from the CD.>
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> Hi, could you please provide a bit more info?
> What is the model of your Linksys card?
> Answer: Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card WPC11 V3.0
> and what driver are you using for it?
> Answer: Win XP:  Intersil islp2 version
> 	  FreeBSD:  Intersil Firmware:  Primary 1.01.00, Station 1.04.02 (as
> reported by FreeBSD)
> Is it supported on the FreeBSD hardware list?
> Answer: Yes
> How do you configure your wireless driver? Using what software/scripts? 
> Don't skip details please.
> Answer: No software scripts, none that I initiated anyway.  The wireless
> card is configured through the wi0 (Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11 wireless
> adapter) choice, since that was the only wireless adapter selection
> available on the SYSINSTALL menu.  Again, it worked for the initial install,
> and when I try other choices, the logon scripts change it back to wi0
> anyway, since that's apparently being picked up on auto-detection.  Here are
> excerpts from the logon messages that may answer your questions, as well as
> provide a bit more insight:
> Apr 3 18:06:11 pccardd[49]:Card "The Linksys Group, Inc."(" Instant Wireless
> Network PC Card")[ISL37300P][RevA] matched "The Linksys Group, Inc."("
> Instant Wireless Network PC Card")[(null)][(null)]
> .
> .
> .
> login: wi0 at port 0x240-0x27f irq11 slot 0 on pccard0
> wi0: 802.11 address:00:06:25:15:f9:34
> wi0: using RF:PRISM3(PCMCIA)
> wi0: Intensil Firmware: Primary 1.01.00, Station 1.04.02
> Apr 3 18:06:16 pccardd[49]:wi0: The Linksys Group, Inc."(" Instant Wireless
> Network PC Card inserted.
> Apr 3 18:06:25 pccard[49]: pccardd started
> Trying a non-DHCP config for testing might help. See if you can ping. Can
> you ping your own IP of the wireless card, locally? 
> Answer: I pinged successfully.  However, I'm not sure how to
> find out the local address of the card, as was what DHCP
> assigned, I believe.
> Can you ping the broadcast IP for it?
> Answer: If this is what I think you mean, it's the IP?
> No, it can't ping that IP.  Furthermore, it can't ping anything on the
> outside, including DSN name http://www.FreeBSD.org or anything else.  I also
> tried pinging an IP directly ( is the FreeBSD site IP)
> and that failed as well.  The message during ping failure is:
> Ping:sendto:No route to host
> Is there any firewalling capability in your kernel/loaded modules?
> Answer: I have only loaded the FreeBSD standard i386 kernel and any modules
> that come standard.  I have not loaded any extra software at this point
> until I get a good baseline.
> I assume the card is working neat on XP. 
> Answer: Yes, flawlessly.
> Have you tried it after rebooting freebsd without actually going into XP? 
> Answer: Yes, I have tried that and it acted no differently (still failed.)
> XP may set up some BIOS parameters which FreeBSD doesn't like?
> Answer: As I mentioned in the first email, I tried booting fresh right to
> FreeBSD without first going to Win XP, and did so after removing and putting
> back the laptop's power cord and battery.
> ...Thanks again for you help, and I'm looking forward to some more follow-up
> on this, as I'm stumped.
> Kindest regards,
> Craig
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> Regards,

I see it uses PRISM 3 chip. I don't know if that is compatible with the 
FreeBSD version of firmware. However:

If you edit /etc/rc.conf , you can eliminate the DHCP configuration. Set 
your interface to use a static class C IP, for example You can find that in the Handbook, at the network 
config section.

ifconfig_wi0="inet  netmask"

Of course your card is detected as wi0, as it is your only wireless card in 
the laptop.

Remove (comment out with '#') any DHCP information from /etc/rc.conf 
related to wi0 and the IP of wi0.


Now ok, ping your IP. (ie.

# ifconfig wi0 should show wi0 is properly configured

If you can ping your own IP, the driver is most probably working fine, and 
you need to set up the Wireless Networking Parameters. You can do that 
using this tool:

# wicontrol

Mainly you have to set up the operation mode (ad-hoc, access-point, etc), 
the WEPKey (if any and if WEP is enabled, should be) and the name of the SSID.

The Wireless Networking section in the handbook explains all that in great 

You should see in your logs (probably in /var/log/messages), if your 
network card is able to join the network or not.

I am looking forward to hear feedback after you try this.

I appologise again for the huge delay, I kinda missed your mail.


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