how to flush out cache.?

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Wed Apr 21 13:37:51 PDT 2004

On Apr 21, 13:28, Julian Elischer wrote:
} Subject: Re: how to flush out cache.?
} On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Steve Watt wrote:
} > In article <Pine.BSF.4.21.0404211219460.31770-100000 at> you write:
} > >
} > >Ok so I have an application where I need to 
} > >reread a file I have just written to ensure that it went to disk
} > >correctly..
} > 
} > What are you hoping to accomplish?  There are probably other ways
} > to solve the larger problem.
} I thought I was being clear..
} I need to remove all the pages from cache so that a reread of the file
} is forced to go to disk.
} and I don't want to go read a 2GB dummy file to force the flush..

No, my question is "what are you trying to accomplish with the
reread", at a higher level than "I want to know it's on disk".  Is
there some reason you have for not trusting the hardware?  Are you
trying to do a database commit protocol?  Debugging the storage

} Someone suggested that I read the file usign 'dump' through the raw
} device..

Even doing that doesn't necessarily mean the bits have made it onto
the rotating media.  There can also be caches in the disk controller,
and/or caches on the drive itself.  If you're trying for a case where
you want to pull the power, unmounting and remounting the filesystem
will get it about as close as you can.

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