pppoe - nmap - No buffer space available

sapdb at komadev.de kai at freshx.de
Wed Sep 17 01:15:29 PDT 2003

Hi terry,

i can corroborate this problem, with 4.x AND 5.x, without beeing the network
interface down. We are also using a pppoe link outsides, and i can do a ping
in parallel, which is working continously, so the tun0 stays online.

My theorie is, that he keeps the sockets open in state "TIME_WAIT", and this
takes too long for the fast nmap scans.

cheers Kai

> pilax at freesurf.fr wrote:
> > sendto in send_tcp_raw: sendto(3, packet, 40, 0, X.X.X.X, 16) => No buffer
> > space available
> Your interface is down.  This happens all the time.
> If you use PPP on a dialup modem with a normal net connection,
> and unplug the modem while you are doing a ping, you will see
> the same thing.
> The easiest fix is "don't send packets out routes that transit
> interfaces which are not up".
> -- Terry
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