wireless device cant go thru wap to nfs/smb server

yussef yussef at claygirl.org
Tue Oct 21 23:32:48 PDT 2003

I posted this to -mobile, but im gonna send it here in case anyone
might have a better idea. thanks

I have a fbsd 4.8 router which also acts as my wireless access point,
bridging the wireless interface to the internal nic. on top of that, up
until recently, it was my nfs/smb file server as well. Everything was
working fine in this setup, so i had to go and change something, and
create new problems;)

I moved the file serving over to a newer box, that will be dedicated
mainly just to NFS and SMB [depending on whether its a windows machine
or NIX machine accessing it]. Computers on the network connected over
ethernet are able to mount shares and manipulate the data on the shares
just fine [copying files back and forth, listening to music, etc].
When i try to mount an NFS or SMB share from a device connected
wirelessly, im able to do this just fine. However, with NFS im unable to
do much with the data. I can browse thru the data just fine [eg, viewing
mp3s in xmms]. But as soon as i try to move data from the remote share
to the local system, it seems to cause the share to just sorta hang. If
i open up a term, and do a simple ls /share it the term becomes
unresponsive. even ctrl+c doesnt save me. the only way ive figured out
how to return the system to normal is a umount -f /share and this isnt
the most elegant or proper solution.
With SMB its a similar story. I after its mounted, i can brown the
share. If i go to play a song thru xmms, it will play, but it will pause
almost every second, tho it will continue playing [so i guess
technically its more affective, at this point, than NFS].
If i switch my wireless devices to a wired connection, then everything
works fine. So it seems pretty clear its not an issue with the wireless
devices themselves, but the means of connection.
My assumption is because im going thru the router/wap to get to the
fileserver, this is somehow mucking up the way NFS/SMB do things. But I
have no idea exactly why its doing this, and even more importantly, no
idea how to fix this problem, besides making the router/wap the
fileserver again, or making the new fileserver the wap [and this might
not even work, as i havent tried it yet]. and both of these solutions
are far from ideal.

thanks for the help.

update: since making the initial post to mobile, it's become more clear
to me this probably isnt an issue with nfs/smb but something to do with
the way bridging works. I've yet to have a look thru the code [and im
no programmer], tho i plan to look thru, and see if anything catches my
eye. in the mean time, i thought maybe someone else more in the know,
might have an idea about a solution.

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