building sshd

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Fri Oct 17 16:08:59 PDT 2003

Adil Katchi wrote:
> I'm trying to build sshd from src/crypto/openssh and I'm having problems.
> I've only modified auth2.c.  I've followed the FREEBSD-upgrade instructions.

I think what you want is more like:

  cd /usr/src/secure/usr.sbin/sshd && make && make install

(You might need to do a full buildworld first.)

Don't be confused by any extra Makefiles you might see floating around:

    * the openssh source code is in /usr/src/crypto/openssh
    * the build harness for sshd is in /usr/src/secure/usr.sbin/sshd

The separation helps to address problems with updating OpenSSH
(which is, after all, being maintained by someone else) and makes
it easier to satisfy various cryptography laws.

Tim Kientzle

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