agp broken for ali... this is the patch, PLEASE import it :)

Andrea Cocito andrea.cocito at
Fri Oct 3 16:17:06 PDT 2003


I sent a temporary patch a while ago, no answer. So sorry for
the report but *please* fix this: this makes non-bootable several
laptops and industrial systems.

On some ALI chipsets the agp bus returns an aperture size of zero,
and the kernel panics. The way it is handled for *any* agp bus if
the aperture size is zero (or the window can not be allocated)
is deadly broken.

Attached the patch to fix the broken code and handle it "at the best
effort" as the coded was supposed to do, PLEASE someone import it.
Sorry for attaching it. Is only 4k and I cannot currently send-pr it.



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