NFS Flags Oddity

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Nov 27 01:37:59 PST 2003

Kris Kirby wrote:
> FreeBSD (4.9-RC) doesn't appear to "export" schg flags over NFS.  You've
> got to shell in locally to the machine to move the schg flags; ls -lao
> doesn't report them over NFS, but does list them locally.

Non-local flags are not defined, so they are not permitted to
be exported over NFS.

You'll find the same thing with the number of bits in major
and minor number, etc..  For a long time (until Julian added
the first devfs to FreeBSD), it was not possible to NFS-boot
a FreeBSD box off of e.g. an Alpha running TRU64 UNIX, for

-- Terry

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