spambouncer tags much freebsd list mail as spam

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Mon Nov 3 11:36:58 PST 2003

"C. Kukulies" wrote:
> I installed the procmail script and before I was switching
> the behaviour from SILENT to COMPLAIN I took a look at my spam.incoming folder
> and found a lot of messages from freebsd-bugs and freebsd-mobile in there.
> Both lists are not directed to folders prior to spambouncer coming into effect
> so they are trapped by spambouncer and I suspect that other freebsd lists
> would be trapped as well.
> Anyone experienced similar?

The "spambouncer" script makes the same incorrect assumption that
the EarthLink SPAM stuff makes, which is that any mail not explicitly
addressed to you is SPAM.  In other words, they expect mailing lists
to violate the draft RFC that prohibits header rewriting by mailing
lists, and they expect all mailing list servers to eat the overhead
of expanding each message to a single recipient message, instead of
sending the messages in bulk if the destination domain is identical.

At least the "spambouncer" script can be modified to respect the
"Sender:" header, which EarthLink fails to respect in their list of
"allowed senders".  This is pretty much how you should modify the
"spambouncer" code to handle mailing lists (and how EarthLink should
modify their anti-SPAM system, as well, but probably won't).

-- Terry

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