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Tue May 20 06:15:42 PDT 2003

 Many of us must have problems with unix like production
servers, many services running, and administrative jobs.
 Where i'm working, there are the experiences with Mainframes
and his controlled environment. All tasks were defined, and 
well defined. The operator tasks were defided too, without
talk about security level...
 Well, what i want? So, i want to know, if somebody knows about
projects (sourceforge), or comercial ones, that are trying fix
that problem in unix plataform. Production scheduler. i guess
that many aspects about this problem, can be resolved using
scripts, and dialogs (menus). But, we have the internet, and
nothing is created... is changed and shared. We are thinking
about implement some (bash, tcl or perl) scripts to give to
unix like operating sistems, the face of a trust environment.
 No, no... i know that the unix is stable, and i trust it...
i talk about "operation". A environment to "add" sites, mana-
ging mail, dns and so on... I am not talking about "webmin".
 I'm talking about, "maybe", scripts to "jail" the operator
in his job. I'm talking about administration tasks that we 
are making every day, but without a environment to this. A 
framework to be changed, shared, and no more command prompt.
 "Imagine" a server managed by menus, in diferent levels, but
well structured. With functions, chances to edit file...
 Sorry by the english, and i hope that you can understand
what i mean.
 Any answers will be cool.

 thanks, and sorry again. 


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