soundcard driver problems: C-media 8330 chip

Andrei davoid at
Fri May 16 21:02:13 PDT 2003

Scott MacPhee wrote:

> Andrei wrote:
>> the pcm0 line appears when I try to play an audio file. What's with 
>> all the unknown PnP problems? How would I know which device it's 
>> having problems with? Can misconfiguration of the board's ressources 
>> be the problem? It's an ISA card soldered on the motherboard, so 
>> since the BioS supposingly does its job well by letting ISA cards get 
>> all the ressources they need FIRST, before PnP wreaks havoc, sound 
>> should be working...
>> I've googled this extensively and nothing interesting comes up. Help 
>> greatly appreciated!
> I get the same problem with my PnP ISA ad1816 based card, but only 
> when i set the 'PnP OS' option in the bios to 'no'.
> If you have this option in your bios settings, try changing it.
> -scott
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I tried playing with this as well as other BIOS options, result remains 
the same :\ Any other suggestions?


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